ToPay Mobile Wallet

Easily transition from traditional payment cards to digital credentials provisioned in mobile devices with our ToPay Mobile Payment Plattform.

ToPay Mobile Wallet Payment

More than just mobile contactless payment

ToPay Cloud Payment enables the
financial industry transition from
traditional payment cards to digital
credentials provisioned into
mobile devices.

With mobile devices becoming the commodity-interface in consumers daily interactions, they are an ideal instrument for banks and issuers to enable their customers for the next generation of payments enhanced with value-added services.

ToPay Mobile Wallet is a white-label mobile walletextending your customer relationship beyond mobile contactless payments.


Our Solution

The integration of loyalty cards & programs with bonus points and targeted offerings increases the importance of your app on consumers’ mobile devices.

Transaction histories of payments made and instant notifications ensure transparency and self-control.

Moreover, our wallet enables you to integrate P2P payments, which is a safe bet in the competition of attracting the digital customer.

The wallet utilizes our mobile contactless payment platform (ToPay Cloud Platform) for HCE payments. It acts as central hub for managing all payment tokens and devices (e.g. wearables, IoT) for your security-aware customers and provides a hassle-free way to set and control spending limits.

Futhermore, our wallet enables issuer to offer an in-app provisioning of payment cards into Apple and Google Pay.




Maximise your Users
Payment Experience.
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For Issuer


  • Enhance your brand visibility and keep the customer interface by providing valuable payment-related services


  • Easily build upon or integrate our customizeable, pre-certified mobile wallet ensuring faster time-to-market


  • Be prepared for emerging payment channels (e.g. IoT, Wearables)


  • Benefit from our pre-integrated ToPay Cloud Payment SDK for HCE


  • Full PCI DSS compliant operations in Switzerland guarantees quality, security and reliability


  • Support of existing issuer authentication systems and flexible connection to card management and issuer backend systems
  • PSD/2 compatible User Authentification


For Endcustomers


  • P2P Payments, QR Payments


  • Various additional payment services within his mobile wallet as one-stop-shop


  • Secure & frictionless mobile payment experience provided by your trusted brand


  • Card Activation and Usage for OEM Pays (Google Pay, Apple Pay)

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