ToPay Secure Checkout

Our Cloud Payment solution enables our customer to have an easy transition from traditional payment cards to digital credentials provisioned into mobile devices.

ToPay Secure Checkout 

Enabling secure online payments

With rapidly growing e-commerce and mobile shopping transactions, online payments with credit and debit cards are more relevant than ever before. While data entry on mobile devices is cumbersome and error prone, consumers are concerned about the risk of fraudulent web transactions and are torn between registering with a merchant for simpler checkout and the hassle of entering their payment data and shipping address for every purchase order. Card issuers need to reduce fraud risks, give cardholders confidence and peace of mind, turning e/m-commerce into positive touchpoints with their brand. ToPay Secure Checkout is a digital wallet solution based upon Masterpass, and prospectively its successor Secure Remote Commerce, that securely stores all payment and shipping information and enables a simple and fast and secure checkout process.


Our Solution

ToPay Secure Checkout from Netcetera is a Masterpass compatible digital wallet that makes credit card payments simple and secure, using the bank’s or issuer’s branding and cardholder authentication methods. It also seamlessly integrates with the 3D Secure services of the issuer or bank.

Card issuers can pre-fill the credit card data and even their cardholder’s shipping address to provide a ready-to-go, secure digital wallet without any further cardholder action. When shopping online, a buyer selects the Masterpass payment option, authenticates using the issuer’s method and simply confirms the checkout. Multiple cards and addresses can be stored and individually selected during checkout.




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For Service Providers


  • Increase transaction volume by providing a seamless experience on e-commerce payment channels


  • Reduce fraud


  • Fast time-to-market by leveraging our wallet


  • Comply to new regulations (e.g. PSD2, GDPR, ...)


  • Full PCI DSS compliant operations in Switzerland guarantees quality, security and reliability

For Consumer


  • No more payment data stored at different merchants/PSPs


  • Hassle-free shopping without compromising security


  • Seamless online shopping with one-click express checkout


  • Increase conversion rate and avoid abandoned transactions


  • Offer easier payment options on mobile channels


  • Avoid certification efforts

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