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ToPay Mobile Wallet

Mobile Wallet


ToPay Mobile Wallet is a white-label mobile wallet extending your customer relationship beyond mobile contactless payments.

  • Available for Android and iOS
  • Tap-to-pay with mobile devices, compatible with contactless payment terminals worldwide
  • Card management
  • OEM payment integration
  • PSD2 compliant authentication
  • Loyalty cards

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ToPay Cloud Payment

Cloud Payment


Our ToPay Cloud Payment solution enables any Android application to support mobile contactless payment via host card emulation (HCE).

  • Scheme based MDES and VTS
  • An easy to integrate SDK
  • NFC via host card emulation (HCE)
  • Monitoring functionality for customer support and business reporting
  • Certified by Mastercard and Visa

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ToPay Secure Checkout

Click to Pay


Click to Pay is a digital wallet solution based successor Secure Remote Commerce. The Wallet securely stores all payment and shipping information and enables a simple, fast and secure checkout process.

  • Digital payments anywhere, with any device, with any payment card
  • App (e-commerce) checkout
  • APIs for data integration

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ToPay eCom Token Enabler

eCom Token Connector

ToPay eCom Token Connector is a scheme agnostic enhancement for e-commerce payments to increase conversion and security with network tokenization.

  • Replace PANs and PSP tokens by network tokens
  • Full life-cycle notifications by connecting merchants and issuers
  • Provides artwork of the payment cards
  • No costly integrations to MDES for merchants, VTS etc.
  • Easy to integrate unified API for PSPs and merchants
  • Certified by Mastercard and Visa

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