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Viseca one app

For Viseca, Netcetera has implemented one of the first independent solutions for contactless payment in Switzerland. The solution offers card issuers the opportunity to supplement their own apps with a globally standardized and certified mobile payment module. Thanks to the support of biometrics, their customers pay easily, quickly and securely with their smartphones. The solution is based on Netcetera’s ToPay Cloud Payment product and is just as convenient as the mobile payment offers of smartphone manufacturers.

The Customer

Viseca Card Services SA is one of Switzerland’s largest issuers of credit and prepaid cards from Mastercard® and Visa, the leading global brands. Its broad range of modern products and its varied services offer solutions tailored to the most diverse customer requirements. For all cards, whether they are non-branded or issued by banking or co-branding partners, the main focus is on quality, expertise and service. Viseca Card Services SA is a business division of the Aduno Group.

„Together with Netcetera we successfully launched an NFC cloud based mobile payment solution for our partner banks and card customers. The solution is offered as a function in our card app “one” and is also widely used. The cooperation with Netcetera has always been very professional and efficient.“
Tobias Wirth, Head Digital Business.

Targets and Challenges

Viseca Card Services SA had the following challenges:

  • Seamless mobile payment experience via the Viseca App for End User
  • Alternative wallet solution that focuses on easy and fast on-boarding
  • Time-Efficient integration phase and supported setup of multiple schemes

Our Solution

By using the ToPay Cloud Payment mobile payment solution (SDK + Server Component), Viseca enabled payment on all Android devices that support NFC.

The unique architecture approach of Netcetera supports multiple schemes with one unified interface towards the customers. It enables the App developer team with an easy way forward in the integration phase: they do not have be concerned with different security requirements.

  • Supports direct Mobile Payment on card terminals via NFC
  • Enables fast activation of credit and debit cards for mobile payment via direct provisioning
  • Secure and fast authentication for customers via biometric identification
  • Fully certified with Visa and Mastercard
  • Supports a wide range of CVM methods (including CDCVM as biometrical authentication)
  • Fast and seamless integration in the already existing Viseca One App

The big advantage: the solution is independent and can be integrated into existing apps for a rapid acceptance by the end customer, for example in mobile banking apps, issuer wallets or issuer pay apps. Since the bank customer has already been authenticated, the activation is triggered with a maximum of two clicks. The customers pay with their familiar app, while the bank retains the interface to the customer and can thus reach them with further payment services.

Meets the highest safety standards

Contactless payment with the smartphone is particularly secure and continuously audited by external certification companies. In the ToPay Cloud Payment Module, a token replaces the credit card data and is made available to the app. This means that no data comes into the hands of uncontrollable third party providers. It always remains in the sovereignty of the issuer or the bank.

In Switzerland SwissWallet is the distributor. SwissWallet is a joint venture of the Aduno Group, Netcetera and Swisscard with the aim of introducing digital payment solutions in Switzerland. More than 800,000 wallets are currently available for purchase on the platform. Netcetera offers this solution for card issuers worldwide.