ToPay eCom Token Connector

Increase e-commerce conversion and security by connecting merchants to issuers via aggregated scheme tokenization services. 

ToPay eCom Token Enabler

ToPay eCom Token Connector

Increase eCommerce conversion and security for card-based transactions with scheme tokenization

ToPay eCom Token Connector is a scheme agnostic enhancement for e-commerce payments to increase conversion and security with network tokenization.

  • Replaces PANs and PSP tokens by network tokens to increase conversion
  • Connects merchants with issuers to have full life-cycle notifications
  • Provides artwork of the payment cards
  • Eliminates costly and long integration projects to MDES for merchants, VTS etc.
  • Easy to integrate unified API for PSPs and merchants
  • Certified by Mastercard and Visa

Our solution


eCom Token Connector is a technical platform that connects checkout systems with multiple scheme token services. The solution supports tokenization of card-on-file (CoF) and manual PAN entry by the user.

APIs for all merchant use cases: request token enrollment, get card details and card art, transact, receive notifications and handle lifecycle events.

Protected Transactions

The use of scheme tokens results in better risk scores at issuers, thus increased approval rates. Transactions are protected by an EMV cryptogram which increases the security of payment transactions to a level similar to the security of a card-present transaction.

Managed by the issuer

The life-cycle of the token is fully managed by the issuer. In case the card has been blocked and released, re-issued or there has been any account update done by the issuer, the token will be linked to the updated funding PAN, thus preventing from interruptions in the payment process.

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For payment service providers & merchants

  • Increased approval rates and better conversion, because the use of scheme tokens results in better risk scores at issuers
  • Faster time to market due to the easy APIs integration, one interface to connect to multiple schemes token services

For cardholders

  • Convenience with the automatic token updates: after a card expires or is re-issued, the token/card payment details remain up-to-date
  • Confidence to perform the checkout, seeing their personalized card art in the merchant shop