ToPay eCom Token Connector

Increase e-Commerce conversion and security by connecting merchants to issuers via aggregated scheme tokenization services. 

ToPay eCom Token Enabler

ToPay eCom Token Connector

Maximize revenues with scheme tokenization

ToPay eCom Token Connector is a scheme agnostic enhancement for e-commerce payments to increase conversion and security by Network Tokenization.

  • Replace PANs and PSP tokens by Network tokens to increase conversion
  • Connects Merchants with issuers to have full life-cycle notifications
  • Provides artwork with payment cards
  • Eliminates costly and long integration projects to MDES for Merchants, VTS etc.
  • Easy to integrate unified API for PSPs and merchants
  • Certified by Mastercard and Visa

Our Solution


ToPay eCom Token Connector is an easy to integrate API, which increases the security of the online payments by tokenizing the payment card and replacing the PAN with a network token. The solution supports card of file (CoF) and manual PAN entry by the user.

The security critical PAN is replace by a network token. This reduces the PCI-DSS requirements for merchant and payment security providers (PSPs).

Protected Transactions

Network tokens assigned to a specific merchant have improved acceptance rates. Transactions will be protected by an EMV cryptogram, in order to provide high security and to verify the transaction comparable to a card present security level.

Managed by the issuer

The lifecycle of the token is fully managed by the issuer. In case the card has been blocked and released, re-issued or there has been any account update done by the issuer, the token will be linked to the updated funding PAN, thus stopping any interruptions in the payment process.

Maximize your transaction revenues.
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For the Payment service providers

  • Fast and efficient integration with one unified API to connect to all scheme tokenization platforms like MDES, VTS, AETS etc.
  • Increased approval rates and better conversion due to higher security using card present like cryptograms.

For the merchants

  • Better conversion and lower risk of fraud
  • Less hassle with payment problems due to renewed cards
  • Allows to create one-click payment applications that comply to PSD2 SCA by using delegated authentication.

For the cardholders

  • The cardholder has less risk his card PAN is compromised
  • Better approval rates
  • Card details incl. card art will be shown for better recognition of payment instrument
  • Less trouble with additional authentication in the checkout process.